As every college student knows, there is only one thing cooler than drinking: playing a drinking game. In fact, most students average a 1:1 ratio of time playing drinking games to time spent in class. So with all of these contests of skill (and liver hatred), I felt it necessary for there to be an open forum for people to share their drinking game achievements. Here is one of my more memorable moments:

Tri-Cup ShotThis happened at a party in the beginning of my freshman year. We were playing some Beirut (beer pong for those of you south of the Mason-Dixon) and my shot landed not in, nor out of, but on three cups. Don't believe me? Well I took a picture of it, smartass:[picture:1707351|size=small]Boom goes the dynamite, three cups were taken away.

So there is one of my cooler drinking moments, and now I turn to you, loyal readers: feel free to share your memorable drinking game moments. You can either email me at or post something in the comments section. If it's good enough, it might appear in a future edition of this column! Sweet, right? And your parents say you don't contribute to society¬Ö