This date in history: March 26, 1953.
Less Notable Decisions of King Solomon
Peasant 1: This is my loaf of bread!
Peasant 2: No, it is mine!
King Solomon: I will cut the loaf in two, and you shall each get half.
Peasant 2: Seems fair.
Peasant 1: I agree.
The only people who don't pick their nose are liars.
Statements from the Un-racist Racist
If Mexicans are supposedly so lazy, how come I always see them hard at work, selling fruit on the highway off-ramp?
Sports Announcers Who Don’t Quite Get It
“Ohio State went on a 92 to 76 point run to end the game”
-Mike Krall
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
~Shakesperian Rapist
Sandwiches at the Jerry Maguire Deli
Show Me the Salami
You Complete Meat
You Had Me at Hero
"Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" Spin-off Ideas
-Are You Taller Than a 9-year-old?
-Are You Stronger Than a Woman?
-Man vs. Baby
Stubborn Bully Who Sticks to his Principles Even During a School Shooting
What are you doing, retard? You think I give a crap about your gay ass gun? Watch out, you almost got that grenade in your eye make-up, you scrawny freak.
I'm not too picky about the girls I date, but i just won't go out with a girl with skin issues. One time my friend Tim tried to hook me up with a girl with acne scars. This other time I got set up with a girl who was black.
Bad Movies, Worse Pope
- Rocky V
- Robocop II
- Karate Kid III
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