There is a big problem young men face in today’s society, and it gets worse with each passing day. I have stood by and watched this problem affect those around me for quite some time, but I refuse to continue to just stand idly by. Today will mark a new day. Today will be the day that we men turn our lives and our selves around. Today is the day that we commit to a style of facial hair.

Think about the generation before us. Do you see them constantly changing their facial hair? No…you don’t. Those are a group of proud men who decided on facial hair at some point in their youth, and who have courageously stuck with it through thick and through thin, over the course of several decades.

It is sad to say, but something has been lost with our generation. Take a look at your father, with his perfectly groomed moustache. Have you EVER seen your father without that moustache? Of course not. One day in the mid-seventies, your father woke up and decided “I am going to have a moustache for the rest of my life.” He made a commitment, and damn it, he kept to it.

Look at your best friend’s father, with his graying but still incredibly pristine goatee. Think about the last time you saw him without that goatee. What’s that? You can’t remember? It’s because that day never existed. It was never any fuller, it was never any thinner. He made a COMMITMENT, brothers, and he stuck with it.

And how about your mailman, with his full, perfectly shaped beard? Do you think he ever missed a day of shaving his neck, to avoid overgrowth? What about in the dead heat of summer, while loading his truck and delivering you that issue of Maxim that you’ll read like three pages of but eventually just leave next to your toilet with all the other issues – it sure would be a lot cooler without that beard…but he keeps it anyway. He keeps it because of that one day, in the winter of ’75, where he said to himself “I don’t want to live a life without this beard.”

Now take a look at yourself. Stand up and look in the mirror. What do you see? Eight days worth of sloppy facial hair. The goatee has grown a little longer because that’s all you had the week before. Sideburns are curling and beginning to spiral out of control.

It’s time to make a decision. I’ll start. From now on, I will have neatly trimmed sideburns, that will be stopped at the bottom of my ear. I will also keep a goatee strictly on the bottom of my chin, because I don’t grow hair in that spot between the moustache and the bottom part to actually connect the two and make a real one.

I implore other young men to do the same. Let’s follow in the grand footsteps of our fathers, their fathers, and their father’s fathers. Let’s make a statement. Let’s stand together, united and strong, and make a commitment to our facial hair.