To you, Mr. Crazy Douchebag Professor:

Why must teachers rely upon this last little bit of happiness left in the semester to bring down a bout with alcoholism and depression which seemed to have subsided with the absense of seasonal affective disorder. After the midterms, who doesn't enjoy seeing a grade of D or E after only three small assignments because you forgot to turn one in? The best part comes when you inquire after the requirements for auditinga class only to find out that the teacher requires your full attendance as well as doing everything else but the tests.This brings forth the issue that if you had the time to do such assignments for the class in the first place you wouldn't be wishing to audit it. The only damn reason you wanted to audit in the first place was because you were only taking 14 hours, and dropping that measly little 3-hour class off the schedule would render you in the eyes of family insurance as a part-time student which doesn't need the family's help anymore. Why must college time and time again through the mind of a douchebag teacher destroy all that is your pathetic ending to a semester which has no value anymore except for GPA due to a change in major? Thank you, Mr. Crazy Douchebag Professor, you put students on the "path" to "pathetic."