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It's been a big morning in the indie music scene. For starters, Temptation Station, yesterday's "it" boys fell from grace when they agreed to speak with a journalist from their local paper (the Sheboygan Pioneer). As we all know, speaking to anyone in any official capacity decimates a band's indie cred: even one as credible as Temptation Station.

Another blow for the indie scene this morning: Mars Solaris officially announced that they "kind of like Fallout Boy's new CD." This, of course, marks them as sellouts. Fans were beside themsleves.

"It's just a shame to see a band like Mars Solaris admit to liking corporate, over-produced crap." said Ashley "A-bomb" Bominy, 14.

However, this morning also saw the formation of a few promising new indie bands. Around 9:15 Jeff Azimoff telephoned Rory Peters and set a tentative schedule to 'work out some new stuff.' Azimoff, a former member of D4nceD4ance, and Peters, the current singer for Islip Condition, also discussed some potential names for the new band: &then some, Swimming Fool and Nomadical were mentioned.

Also formed this morning: Camp Automatic – four 13 year-olds from suburban New Jersey coming together with the singular mission to "get girls" and "not get beat up anymore." The rallying cry of the true indie musician.

Sellout Watch: These indie bands are on the brink of selling out. You may want to start denying that you ever liked them now to save yourself the embarrassment when they sign a recording contract.

  • N8mb3rs f0r v0w3ls
  • .communist
  • Weapons of Mass Dysfunction
  • Pussyfoot
  • Mystery Hystery
  • Slaterade
  • Slinky Consortium
  • Limp Bisquick

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