The components of the body are incredible
The arms, the legs, the back
But none quite so delightful
As my huge, ginormous rack.

And yes, before you ponder
"Are they real or are they fake?"
They are 100% all-natural:
Of that, make no mistake.

While it's true they take their toll
(My shoulders are always sore)
They're quite the supportive companion –
They help Yours Truly score.

Air bags, hooters, flesh melons
Call them what you will
When my date's enraptured by them
It means I won't pay the bill.

They're extra padding in the winter
A sweater full of knockers
And I won't take offense at all
When I see a bulging in your Dockers.

Cha-chas, funbags, dueling banjos –
They're all the same in the end
Diamonds can go screw themselves, for
Boobs are a girl's best friend.

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