She's on the boards and on the frontpage, and now she's the first in my series of CH commenter interviews. Enjoy.

So, Ga… err… Ms. Chiclet… umm… what should I call you anyway?

GTC is fine.

Any chance of you sharing your real name?
Ummm… no. I'm secretive, like a ninja.

Okay, GTC, your name is GaTekChiclet, but you are clearly from Vanderbilt. What's the deal?
I went to Georgia Tech for my Bachelor's degree, and am now working on my PhD at Vanderbilt. I happen to be one of the few people insane and masochistic enough to go to engineering graduate school. I like the pain, baby. What can I say? I enjoy spending countless hours in a windowless research lab pretending to cure cancer.

I understand you are a TA. Do any of your students recognize you from the site? And by recognize, I mean masturbate to your Deck the Gals submissions.
I hope not… although many of them have freely admitted they only come to office hours for my rack. I'm serious, they complain if I don't wear v-neck shirts.

Must be rough. Your recent article has spawned the famous Insult Generator and gained you widespread notoriety. It also coincided with the roll out of CH's messaging system. How many messages have you gotten from your admirers?
Nobody admires me. They admire my tits and ass.

Well, that is a lot to admire. Are you single?
I have a longstanding relationship with my vibrator and two C-batteries.

How many more creepy messages do you think that will elicit?
Your guess is as good as mine. I have a feeling it will result in many more of the "Fuck you, loser" ones, though.

In addition to contributing articles, you are an avid commenter. Present company included, who are some of your favorites?
Well, Mr. Kreeg regularly rocks my world. Of course Katie, Jesse, Cody, BZit, Laura from Marymount Manhattan, and way too many more to list. Most of the regulars are pretty good.

Cody Arant? Really? How original. Who is your favorite CH writer?
Dan Gurewitch or Amir.

Sorry, Streeter. I've heard your boobs are featured on this very site. Can you substantiate this rumor?
Ummm… consider it substantiated.

Between articles, videos, and pictures, why haven't we slept together?
. . . .

Wow, did I just say that out loud?
No, you typed it.

Stay tuned for more interviews with your (read: my) favorite commenters. If you have any requests or would like to be featured, let me know. Who am I kidding? You all skipped this part and went straight for the pictures.