Technology really changes the way we live. I'm not talking about a person's essence. No matter how far technology may progress a creepy dude will still be creepy. Technology just changes the way we attain those same original goals.

I find that lately I have been neglecting my inclination toward drunk dialing in favor of the much less personal and much more antisocial practice of Drunk Facebook Poking.


There are a few rules that come with Drunk Poking though, so you have to be careful:

Rule 1: Drunk poking Ex-girlfriends is acceptable even if you have ignored her phone calls and emails for the last year and a half. Drunk poking is a much better and more convenient way to show her you care than responding via phone or face-to-face meeting.

Rule 2: Do NOT Drunk Poke your best friend's little sister. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but dude, she's eleven. Show some class. And remember, he has another sister in high school.

Rule 3: You may NOT Drunk Poke that lady who swipes your card at the dining hall. Just because the school gave her an email account does not qualify her as a valid member of your college community. And while you may think that her hairy mole builds character when you're wasted, you'll regret it in the morning.

Everyone else is fair game. But be careful. And remember, you're the one who will have to live with those awkward smirks you'll get from the 350 pound girl in the library because you thought it was such a good idea to poke her last Thursday night.