Affirmative Action

Hey. Hey, Doug. Wake up.
Huh? Wha?
Wake up. We're going to have a political debate.
We are?
Because. Come on, get up.


DOUG. C'mon, I'll get you something off the Wendy's dollar menu.
Yeah, sure
…arrite, what's up?
We're having a political debate.
We are?
Well, I think it should be legalized. A 1998 study showed that when compared with alcoh-
No, no, not about that, Doug.
Wait… what?
We're going to have a political debate about Affirmati-
What day is it?
What do you think about Affirmative Action?
What's Alternative Action?
No, Affirmative Action.
Oh. Uh…
C'mon Doug. Affirmative Action.
You've heard of Affirmative Action, right?

Yeah, of course dude! Come on.
Alright, what do you think?
Well… I guess… Ok. Let's say you've got a choice to make, and there are two options for you to choose from, right? Ok, well, one of them is affirmative, and the other one is, like…
Yeah, negative! Well, if the affirmative one is the right choice to make, then you should take the affirmative action. Yeah.
Doug, I don't think you know what Affirmative Action is-
Like, let's say you're a lawmaker in Congress, or whatever, and you've got to choose whether to pass a law legaliz-
No, Doug, you're missing the point.
Dude, seriously, a 2001 study sponsored by High Times showed that there actually more benefits in marij-
Thanks Doug, I think we're done here.
You got a lighter, man?