1. Japanese gameshows keep getting weirder and weirder. Wheel of Fortune has got Vanna White, but do they have her naked ass being shoved in contestant's faces?
  2. So this guy is the luckiest motorcycle rider that I've ever seen.
  3. A very, very nerdy action short.
  4. This is an absolutely hilarious video of tiny kids having a hockey fight. Watch the one who skates away like a bitch.
  5. Holy sh*t! This cane made from a horse penis is only ten bucks. DAD! DAD! Where's your wallet!?

Awesome Updates

New one from comedian Mike Birbiglia.
Adam tells us the difference between elementary and Sunday school.

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Don't Forget

Today is the first round matchup in the Final Four for America's Hottest College Girl. It's not every day that hot girls will be depending on you to look at pictures of them in bikinis. Make the most of this.