It is finally upon us. The championship matchup. Amber S and Megan D. A battle of epic proportions. CollegeHumor, you have made your bed and you WISH you could lie in it. The choice won't be easy, but it is all yours. Presenting, the final match:



  1. Will Ferrel drops Meredith Vieira on her head. Awkward and awesome. Awksome.
  2. This guy gets wet. How could he not get out of the way, man? That water balloon was coming at, like, .000001 miles per hour.
  3. What if James Bond were homeless? This is what, son.
  4. Want to see a bunch of really strange comic book covers? If you don't, you probably shouldn't look here.
  5. We want Back to the Future sneakers! Click here to sign the petition.