It's back! Here's how it works:

  1. Create one of the groups listed below.
  2. Get 1,000 people to join your group.
  3. Email me at when you've hit the 1,000 member mark with a link to your group.
  4. Claim a Free BustedTee AND $50.
Some tips: make your group global so anyone can join. Mention it's for a CollegeHumor contest so people don't think you're crazy. But before we get to the groups, here's an idea I had.

NEW FUN THING! The Facebook Challenge is a blast, but not everybody has the determination to make a group and stick with it. That's why I'm introducing Friendvalanche. The idea is simple: I give you someone to add as a friend on Facebook, you add them and send them a message. The first target of our friendliness is….

Cody Miller
When you friend him, ask "How was LA?"

And now…

The Groups

  • Never have I ever played drinking games
  • I give Family Guy a 6, tops
  • Bro, let's get tattoos that display our respective ethnicities
  • Eat your dick? Absolutely not, young man!
  • I'm attracted to magicians
  • Man, I covered this notebook with scribbles, check this out
  • Spring: Give me a break!
  • Salt or Pepper? You can't have them both.
  • Dude, can I cop some answers from your test before you hand it in?
  • Hey, what channel is Nickelodeon again?
  • United States of Allergies
  • You guys smell that? It smells like hot milk or something?
  • No, YOU, sir, are the Dee Dee Dee!
  • Hotdogs > real dogs
  • Hard honeydew is better than soft honeydew
  • Adult Swim is for pussies
  • If Sanjaya wins, so have the terrorists
  • I got the blue box blues
  • Quality=Quantity
  • I would love to paint you
  • So super happy I wasn't born Indian
  • A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Anal
  • All I wanna do is Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom and a Boom Boom
Remember, the first person to email me at with 1,000 people in their group gets a Free BustedTees and a Ulysses Grant to keep all your George Washingtons company. Ready. Set. GO!

Oh, and join the CollegeHumor Facebook group while you're at it.