You guys, tonight was the saddest night of my life. I had a video all ready for what I was certain would be Haley's inevitable dismissal, and then, of course, GINA had to go and fuck it all up. Thanks a lot, America! Now I have to wait one, maybe six more weeks to put that masterpiece to use! Okay, it isn't really a masterpiece. I was just excited because I'm going away this weekend and I have a whole shit ton of stuff to do, and I was all, "Ooh, look at me, I'm so ahead of the game with the American Idol business! Now I'll have so much time to pack and figure out train schedules and do my real homework!" That'll teach me to not procrastinate. Also, I guess I'm kind of sad to see Gina go (especially over Haley. I really wanted that to happen for Haley's own good.), but I'm a little comforted by the fact that her clothes will be returned to the 13-year-old goth girl from whom they were stolen.