Dayyyyyyum, I think we have a new record. Ian Nacht got the required 1,000 members in his group, Hotdogs > Real Dogs, in about 24 hours.

For his efforts, Ian is getting a free BustedTee and fifty dollars worth of money. When I asked him how he felt about the victory, Ian only had this to say: "Warren Winter sucks." I'm as confused as you are.

Thanks to everyone who played and better luck next time!

Now, let's talk about Friendvalanche. I've been getting a bunch of emails from people asking to be the next victim of our kindness. While I'd be happy to give everyone a Friendvalanche, it must be reserved for people who are having a bad day. What could be better on your worst day than getting 3,000 new friends?

If you want to nominate someone for a Friendvalanche, send me an email with a link to their Facebook profile at