I would like to discuss an idea that I have been thinking about for the past couple weeks. I was recently down at Illinois State University, when I got the sudden urge for a sandwhich. My buddy, Rohde, decided to blurt out that he wanted a BLT, and i thought to myself, "BLT=Lame."

But then, I realized…Why not put onions on it? A bacon, onion, lettuce, and tomato sandwhich, or as i have dubbed it, "The BOLT!!!"

So after coming up with this idea, I then carried it out the next day after getting home. It. Was. Amazing. Period. This is seriously something that I want to see in any and every sandwhich shop around the country.

So, I'm calling out for a revolution: Next time you go to Jimmy John's or a Subway, ask for a BOLT. If they ask what it is, simply slap them very hard with the pimp-side of your hand, and then very calmly a justifiedly explain to them what it is.

If I can seriously get this craze going, I will marry Katie Marino, or give Streeter a reach-around. Maybe Amir or Jake, but only if they're the ones that start it.