On this Easter, I dedicate myself to Jesus' memory by devoting an hour and a half of my life to listening to his music on my way back to Emporia. How was I able to do this? Well, as you probably guessed, they weren't able to cut records in his age. However, I do believe that on my way back, I was listening to the music of the Jesus incarnate himself…Eric Clapton. I believe this not only because of his striking resemblance to Jesus, but also because of his incredible guitar solos, easy-going but sincere lyrics, and his amazing versatility, all of these traits once exemplified by Jesus when he lived.

However, in the instance that I could be wrong, I believe there are others in the musical world that are possible nominees for being the Incarnate.

Jim Morrison's lyrical style is very remniscient of Jesus' own spoken words, considering they both spurred generations towards change through their trippy imagery and cocaine-induced preachings.

Gordon Lightfoot's lyrics engulf you in a landscape of peaceful sunlight, green orchards, and sailors sinking with their ship during a storm on Lake Superior, very similar to Jesus' experience of walking on water…except Gordon Lightfoot wasn't there, and with Jesus, nobody died.

Self-explainable. Chad's got the look, and Nickelback is the greatest band the world has ever known.