I got into the subway this morning
I saw a man
His lips were
Moving like mine
He was singing
the exact
that I was listening to.
In all the world…
two iPods
with the exact same song on
at the exact same moment.
that didn't really happen
But how f*cking cool would that be?

Pretty Girl (A Haiku)
Hey there pretty girl
I really want to punch you
in your stupid face

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The Struggle
Shake Shake Shake
Silver goes in
One more Shake
Twist, turn, turn
Thumb, index, middle
I only got seven peanut M&M's this time

If I Had a Puppy
If I had a puppy
I would name him Rex
Or something else
that a dog should be called.
I would promise to take care
of him
But probably wouldn't
I mean I'd feed him
I don't think I'd walk him
Not if it's cold out
You say I should not own
a puppy
But only the Lord can judge me

Gene Rayburn
How cool are you?
I love your microphone
And your intoxicated
Are you still
Wikipedia has informed me
you died six years ago.
RIP Gene Rayburn

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