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Name: Brianna Kiser

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

School: Truman State University- You just go to the middle of nowhere and turn right at Where the Hell am I?!

Hometown: Branson, Mo

Major: Communications, and I'm focusing on Journalism!

Favorite Drink: My drink of choice would have to be Red Bull. I'm a wild one, I know. ;)

If I’m trying to get with you, what should I do?
Make me laugh. I love to joke around all the time, so if you can tell a better joke than me, ill love it. All I can say is, you get what you give, butt I pretty much just like to have a good time. Also,be confident; but no cockiness or arrogence please.

What should I avoid doing? Hmmmm, I guess like I said, no cockiness!

How fast can you run a mile? When I used to be in track I once ran it in 5:50, but that was like 3 years ago, so I'd say it's gone up to around 8 minutes.

Want some ice cream? No way! Frozen yogurt or nothing for this girl. But if I were gonna get ice-cream, my favorite would have to be Chocolate.

What’s your most embarrassing college moment? Oh god, I have embarrassing college moments every day. But, the worst time was when my friends and I were out and a bunch of guys that we had disgustiungly huge crushes on were hanging out at this house. My friends were not too excited about just barging in uninvited, but I unashamedly told them that is wasn't a big deal and all you have to do in these situations is walk in with "…confidence, like this!" *cue me bursting into their front door where they are all sitting in the living room. Apparently my version of confidence is tripping and falling on my face, because thats exactly what I did…oops.

No cheating, who was the second man on the moon? Easy, Buzz Aldrin… What can I say, I go to the Harvard of the Midwest.

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