The newest shitty redneck sport since that phony wrestling crap is called .10 racing. Now what do rednecks love more than NASCAR and drinking? Wife beating, but that's beside the point. I know rednecks and trailer trash alike love getting shitty drunk at NASCAR events, but too make it even better the drivers should be drunk as well. Before the race the drivers would be slamming shots in order to get their blood alcohol content up to a .10, and if not they won't be allowed to smash their cars like the other drivers. The real reason why white trash loves NASCAR so much is the crashes, and .10 racing would give them more of what they want. The first driver to cross the finish line would win, if his BAC is aboveor at a.10 that is, so drinking during pit stops is crucial. Everybody loves drinking and driving so we might as well make a sport out of it, and in a few years it will probably be our nation's pastime.