In life there are instances that result in great shame and instances that result in a little shame. The shame you feel will fall somewhere on a ten point scale. But what exactly is a 1 or a 5.5 or a 9 on a shame scale? The guide below will tell you!

The Shame Scale
(1 Being the Lowest, 10 the Highest)

- Cursing in front of your grandmother.

1.5 – Clogging the toilet at a Taco Bell.

2- Asking for a fork at a Chinese restaurant.

2.5 – Tripping while walking on the sidewalk but not falling.

3- Being seen with your parents while in high school.

3.5 – Eating fast food for back-to-back-to-back meals.

4- Sitting next to a black guy in your American History class.

4.5- Clogging the toilet at a fancy restaurant

5- Never seeing Terminator 2.

– Seeing Terminator 3.

6- Admitting that you can’t understand a Hispanic person even though they’re speaking English.

6.5 – Forgetting your brother’s birthday.

7- Forgetting your twin brothers birthday.

7.5 - Drooling.


8.5 – Getting caught jerking off by your mom.

9- Forgetting to silence your Black Eyed Peas ringtone at a funeral.

9.5 – Getting held back a grade.

10- Being adopted.