Boss: So, describe what you've got so far.

Carl, the first designer: Well, we, mostly I, have an idea for a cartoon cat.

Boss: Interesting, interesting. Tell me about her..or him, whatever you have so far.

Carl: She's all white, wears lots of pink bows and pink outfits, and is really happy about life.

Boss: FANTASTIC…what's her name?

Carl: "Hello Kitty." I have a drawing right here.

Carl hands around copies of his Hello Kitty sketch

Stuart, the second designer:….She doesn't have a mouth. How can she say Hello.

Boss: Tell me if I'm right, Carl, but I think it's more of an implied "Hello?"

Carl: Um..yeah exactly.

Boss: WONDERFUL. What else have you got, Carl?

Carl: Well, I have some drawings I'm pretty confident about, but the color schemes are a little sloppy…

Boss: STUART! Help Carl with whatever he needs. I'm putting him in charge of the team on this one.

Finished options

Handshake Pup

Nuzzle Bunny

In-A-Good-Place-Emotionally Bear