Billions of years ago, we were little more than mindless organisms floating aimlessly through the ocean. Tiny, single-celled, conscious-less beings that drifted through liquid in whichever direction it took us. Millions of years later, we developed eyes, fins, and the sensation of pain. But, we still lacked a sense of self. Millions of years after that, we left the water, growing legs, and forming simple, working bonds with other organisms of our species. But, it wasn’t until millions of years even after that that we grew to walk upright, use tools, and eventually develop the first sense of purpose, reason, or doubt. There must have been one of us, at some point, that stopped one day, mid-stride, dropped his club, looked up at the sky and said, “Why?”

Whoever that being was, I am naming him Sayid.

Finally!!!! After months of our seemingly street smart islanders being put in situation after situation where they didn’t ask the most apparent questions, Sayid finally came through. I have pointed out before that one of the fatal flaws of this show is that our plane survivors don’t ask the Others enough questions when they have the chance. There have been instances (like when Jack was needed to save Ben’s life) that they could have demanded answers, but they refused to do it, until now. Sayid seems to be the only one with enough sense to step up. And, even though his questions weren’t answered, at least they were asked. Finally!

Here’s what went down this week, in a fertility vaccination dose:

Sayid, Kate, Jack, and Juliet head back to the beach, where no one but Jack trusts Juliet. We see more of Juliet’s past, learning that she really is trapped on the island and that her sister and nephew are alive and cancer free. Sayid and Sawyer try to get info out of Juliet, but Jack is being all protective of her. Claire gets super sick and Juliet saves her, but this was all a ploy to win over the beach dwellers. Because, in reality, Juliet is a spy, just like we thought!

Here’s what we learn:

1. The island does have ambiguous healing powers. We knew this already with Locke’s paralysis that was healed and with Rose’s illness going into remission (speaking of which, where the hell have she and Bernard been?). But Ben confirms that the island can help cure cancer, and that he knows how to cure cancer off of the island, too.

2. Juliet and Goodwin were doing the nasty. I had thought that perhaps she and Ben had a romantic past at some point, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

3. Juliet is a spy. That fucking whore. Those of us who were smart were on to her all along. As I said last week, I had thought that she made up the whole being gassed thing. I never liked her and her plastic-surgery-looking nose anyway. However, Juliet really does seem to be a victim. She’s only working for Ben because he can get her off of the island. She’s spying for “one week.” Then what?

4. We learn more about Juliet’s work on the island. She had been trying impregnate women on the island, which, for some reason, was impossible. The women would all die. The question still remains though, why did they need to impregnate women on the island?

5. Remember when we used to have to watch the last 2 minutes of that awful Freddy Prince, Jr show before Lost each week, and we thought “There could NOT be a worse show to lead into Lost?” I’ve got four words for you: In Case of Emergency.

6. huh? Did I watch this part wrong, or did Juliet leave the camp at night to get the medical supplies and when she got there it was midday? The caves weren’t that far, were they?

7. We’re told that Ethan had been “helping” Claire by giving her the injections. And that when he kidnapped her, he was “improvising.” But, can we believe this part of what Juliet said? We know she was lying about Claire’s sickness, but was she telling the truth about Ethan, and about Claire’s earlier injections?…Thoughts?

8. Sawyer and Kate are going to fuck again. Soon. Very, very soon.