A homosexual walks out of one of their bars. He's dressed like one.

Gay-My ass is sore from all that gay sex I just had. We do it all goddamned day like goddamned jack rabbits or something.

A blackjumps out of an alley.

Black-Hey white person.

Gay-(I'd like to have sex with this guy andgive him AIDS)

Black-Give me your wallet or I’ll shoot you. I act like this because of rap music and not knowing my father.

Gay- Oh please don’t shoot me with your big manly gun. (Crying)Please don’t take my money; I was going to use it to buy those gay-sex drug pills they talk about on the news. I’m a little baby woman who doesn’t know what it is to act like a man. I’m afraid of guns and that’s why I can’t be in the military.

Black- Stop talking and give me all your money. I have a false sense of entitlement and that’s why I feel justified in stealing. I never learned accountability because of welfare.

Gay-(crying) Fine, take all my money you big manly stud. I got it from doing hair perms or writing poetry or something. I never played little league, or maybe I did and I was terrible at it, and that’s why I do women’s work.

Black- I’m going to spend this money on drugs and prostitutes! I’msome kind ofviolent lunatic all hopped up on cocaine!

The African shoots the homosexual in the head and then tries to run away, but trips and falls because his damn pants are past his damn ankles anyhow and what the hell kind of way is that to wear your pants. Some police officers arrest him (but are sure to be as “gentle as can be” because they don’t want to get sued by the democrats) and then he goesbefore the judge

Black- I’m speaking in the goddamned Ebonics because I never learned to speak right.

Judge- That’s OK; Ebonics is just as good as English if you’re an African. Now, normallywe'd send youto prison even longer for killing a gay, since the liberals say they should have more rights than the rest of us, but since you’re a black and the liberals say that you should also have more rights than the rest of us, we’ve decided to give you a scholarship to the state university over a more deserving white person, or maybe some kind of Asian. They’re hard workers too.