Man, why do I go to this class? It's not like I pay attention. Or have anyone to talk to. All my friends didn't want to take this class. I can see why. uuuuuugggggghhhhh . . . I want to rip out my brain and shove it up my ass, and then poop it out on the person sitting right next to me when the entire row is empty. Thats how bored I am. And angry about that prick who always has to sit there. It's like the professor isn't even talking, she's so boring. Does she even get that? I think everyone is sleeping, cause everyones head is bent down. Well, maybe they're paying attention and writing something down . . . nerds. I bet they are gonna go back to their room and call their mom first thing cause thats what they do everyday. Then go jack off to pictures of Zelda, or something like that. God, I'm glad I'm not a nerd. What is this class about? I'm so bored I can't even remember what we are supposed to learn. Let's check the backpack . . . I think it's anthropology. Not sure. All that's in there is a big pile of wrinkled papers. God this is boring. How much time is left . . . 30 minutes? 30 minutes? Are you shitting me? Class started 30 minutes ago? It's felt like ages. I feel like I could've graduated by now. I really need something to do so I don't die in here . . . I could just leave! It's only lecture, and I can get the notes from that prick. No, the professor always nails people who try to leave early . . . that's what she said. Ha! I'm funny. But seriously, this sucks. I could count the tiles on the ceiling . . . if I was 12. I'm not an idiot, I go to college. I'm too mature for that. Maybe I should check that packet the TA's handed out before class . . . hmm. Looks like an assignment. Probably another stupid one like ALL of them. Oh well, I guess I'll read it . . . "Midterm Examination"

Professor: 15 minutes left in examination!

Uh oh.