So, last night I was 1 this chick and she ____2____. So I left, and I went Chad's house and we played_____3_____. Then around midnight, Chad went into the closet to get the ____4____ and we had fun with that for like an hour. I left after that and went to a pizza place where I ordered a ____5____. After I finished that, I got a call from Lindsey about a huge 6 on the edge of town. At the 7, I met this chick that could ____8____ and I wasn't weirded out by it. So I went back to my place with her and we ____9____ with a spoon for awhile, but then she ____10____ and had to leave so I told her to ____11____ in the morning, but I hope I never see her again. In the morning I ____12____ with a ____13____ and then played some xbox. I think I'll change my major to _____14_____ studies before next semester. One hell of a weekend.