The past couple weeks people have been sending me all sorts of crazy things from stuff they’ve overheard Frat guys saying at bars, clubs or just hanging out. Here are a couple of the best – four of them are real, one’s fake. Guess which one!

"Dude, I just got this sickkkkkkk acoustic bass man. Sh*t was backordered for like 3 months. Bro, ITS A F*CKING DEAL, I got it for like 150 f*ckin’ dollars. You tell me where you’ll find a better f*cking deal, CAUSE YOU WONT YOU F*CK."
– Ohio State University –

"You don't remember that night? You know the night where I just looked at TJ and was like, “Dude get me out of here, or I'm goin’ f*ckin’ start to break stuff'. And I DID f*cking break stuff. F*ckin sweet time."
– James Madison University –

“No dude, you don’t understand. It was the Most. Disgusting. Sh*t. Of my Life. I think I dropped a lung in the bowl. I didn’t even finish wiping. Hahah…gave up, dude. The shit was too messy! Mom always said I was a quitter, but I’m a man of principle. Two wipes and I’m out.”
– Eckerd College –

I’ve never drank so much brew in my life dude. My head with splittin’ for real this mornin’. Last night was ridonkulous though man, I think I dropped like 40 bones on myself and that stupid bitch stupid girl Jess. Probly call her tonight, see what’s good. Nah, I’ll just text her… so chill.
– Wisconsin University –

“I hooked up with this smokin’ hot girl last night.”
– Michigan State –

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