The past couple weeks people have been sending me all sorts of crazy things from stuff they’ve overheard Frat guys saying at bars, clubs or just hanging out. Here are a couple of the best – four of them are real, one’s fake. Guess which one!

"Dude, I just got this sickkkkkkk acoustic bass man. Sh*t was backordered for like 3 months. Bro, ITS A F*CKING DEAL, I got it for like 150 f*ckin’ dollars. You tell me where you’ll find a better f*cking deal, CAUSE YOU WONT YOU F*CK."
Ohio State University –

"You don't remember that night? You know the night where I just looked at TJ and was like, “Dude get me out of here, or I'm goin’ f*ckin’ start to break stuff'. And I DID f*cking break stuff. F*ckin sweet time."
James Madison University –

“No dude, you don’t understand. It was the Most. Disgusting. Sh*t. Of my Life. I think I dropped a lung in the bowl. I didn’t even finish wiping. Hahah…gave up, dude. The shit was too messy! Mom always said I was a quitter, but I’m a man of principle. Two wipes and I’m out.”
Eckerd College –

I’ve never drank so much brew in my life dude. My head with splittin’ for real this mornin’. Last night was ridonkulous though man, I think I dropped like 40 bones on myself and that stupid bitch stupid girl Jess. Probly call her tonight, see what’s good. Nah, I’ll just text her… so chill.
Wisconsin University

“I hooked up with this smokin’ hot girl last night.”
Michigan State

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