LP Candidate Stanhope….

Yes it looks like a Candidate who can beat none of the above in Vegas, but what will the "Girls Gone Wild" Scandal do to Doug Stanhope as revelations show that underage girls were exploited in the video trash. Granted he was hired to tell jokes in a very stupid thing and it was rich in set ups and likely wasn't involved in the ID checker, maybe he needed my shirt, "Sorry ladies, I check for ID" (www.cafepress.com/BJPolicy) but I digress to the main point will this hurt a growing Libertarian Party known as being more of an Anarchy Party if used against him, or can he outwit his attackers, is he ready for this? It would be wise to be. Badnarik, the last candidate, did appeal more to the less anarchistic voter. Something a Libertarian Party always needs.

—- G