Speaking of freely speeking: Quoting from my site "The Official Black Jester Website" //www.tobj.ws/ (uaop.shtml)
"A short note on the Imus thing, fuck, I mean fuck; who gives a shit about some sarcastic remark about some primative ebonic slang? Really! The worse thing are these apologies and having to see theocrat REV. Sharpton endlessly. Not to mention, for fuck sakes this is a joke about jocks who likely get special treatment on grades and bullying in school, oh and now they get a few words? Jocks just hate humor. They hate the class clowns, they hate anything done at their expense, but love to send you bobbing for shit in the toilet freshman year. I'd like to see how impressive these students are to the "less popular" students and on grades, or how well they'd do as non-star jocks. Notice some of the chicks are so white if they wore a sheet they'd glow through it? Oh real racist. This is just an attempt to attack speech and rabble rouse, not to mention bitch a whine and maybe pupeteer some mindless jocks on top of it all."
Oh on top of it all, in addition, the colored people ridiculed were colored by choice, meaning wearing tatoos or "colors."— G