The Drunken Blog

One of the biggest aspects of a new place is the neighbors, especially in a condo. These are the people that you will be seeing pretty often and they are the ones that will be complaining if your music is too loud or if your party is too crazy. Unfortunately you can’t really scope out the neighbors before moving in, it’s just one of those things that you hope that they aren’t a bunch of douches.

When we moved into our new place we were afraid that everybody there was old, and when I say old I mean over 30, with a family and all that jazz. Unfortunately, most of our thoughts were confirmed over the first couple of months that we lived there. It was a mostly older family crowd, which is to be expected in a place where you have to buy your apartment and have a mortgage.

However, we heard rumors of a girl that works for a beer distributor. We would go to some of the social events that the condo association put on and we would tell people about our kegerator, and they would invariably tell us about this elusive Tessa girl that works for the beer distributor. We kept thinking that we had to get in touch with this girl. As much was we love Yuengling, and we do, cheap Yuengling would be even better. Or maybe even some obscure micro brew would be cool, as long as it’s cheap. And that’s the beauty of knowing somebody that works for a beer distributor, good cheap beer.

At least, this is what we were hoping, we still hadn’t met this girl, nor had we met any neighbors our age. The people that kept telling us about this girl were on the board of the condo association, and as nice as they seem, I wouldn’t put it past them tell us that this mystery beer girl existed when she did not, just to make us like the place better.

The other night there was a happy hour that was put together by the condo at a local bar. The flyer said that there would be drink specials and free food. We got there as soon as the happy hour started and were displeased to find out that there were not any drink specials at all (unless you consider $5 per beer a special price), and the free food was frightful. Like I said, we were the first ones there and we managed to secure a stand-up table, which would become the central hub for this happy hour, which we later discovered was actually being billed as a “single’s mingle.”

This made us slightly embarrassed when we were talking to the attractive waitress as we tried to figure out what the situation was regarding the drink specials. We began drinking, and people began showing up. We saw a girl that we had seen out before, she is 30 and married, but I wouldn’t have guessed she was that old, and she seems like a cool person. She also brought with her a friend. Unfortunately it wasn’t Tessa, but it was an attractive girl that was about our age.

She is 26, which is the age I happen to tell people I am when I’m in a bar. And what’s even better is that we had actually already met this girl. The day that we moved in, we were carrying a mattress down the hall to our apartment and this girl comes out and asks us if we can turn off her fire alarm for her. Apparently some water was leaking through her ceiling and it somehow set it off. Jeff of course came through, and created an instant in with this girl.

The evening was pretty chill, and we were the youngest ones there, but we exchanged phone numbers and were put on “the list”. The list was just the younger people that were there that would get together to get drinks or whatever.

A little later in the night Tessa made an appearance. It was kind of difficult restraining our excitement, we really wanted to just come straight out and say that we had a kegerator, and we wanted her to stock it for us. But we commenced with the small talk until we finally managed to slip it in there. She was ecstatic, we were ecstatic, everybody should have been ecstatic. We exchanged numbers with her, and she assured us that she would hook us up with some good beer.

While the number of young social neighbors may be slim, the few that are around seem very cool. And I’m confident that once summer comes around and the pool opens up the young girls will magically start appearing, and we will have the good beer stocked in order to accommodate them.