My turn's fast approaching, my speech it grows near
But my heart is filled with apprehension and fear.
Though I am not unready, I did enough to prepare
I just didn’t plan on having a boner to share.

The teacher looks my way and calls me to speak,
I try to stall and delay but my excuses are weak.
My heart races, my brow drips with sweat
They know something’s up, I’m willing to bet.

You’d think with the blood flowing straight to my brain
The blood in my penis would chill out and drain;
But no, alas, my erection remains –
I pray they don't see the bulge my pants contain.

I try not to panic, I try to think quick,
But all I can think of is my enlarged prick.
The teacher grows angry, her patience is thin
I begin to think this is a fight I can't win.

Then suddenly, a mad dash to the exits, all rushing –
What was this miracle that saved me from blushing?
Not chaos or sickness nor bodily harm:
My erection was saved by a fire alarm.

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