You know how we're always giving away BustedTees as prizes? The reason we do that is because the same people who run this website also run BustedTees. Also, the same people who write the articles for this site think of the ideas for the T-Shirts. So when the suits over at BustedTees asked us to come up with a way to showcase the latest shirts on CollegeHumor we thought the best way to do that would be to show some of the ideas that didn't make the cut.

"Homar Slamson" Created By Jeff Rubin

This is a tricky one. For as long as The Simpsons has been on the air, there's been bootleg merchandise. Matt Groening actually collects it. We all thought it would be funny to do a bootleg of a bootleg.

Homer is one of the most recognizable and well known characters in the world. When I was in Europe, I saw fake Homer shirts in nearly every country I visited. Across the globe, he's as recognizable as Mickey Mouse (at least in the countries that matter, sorry Uganda). We wanted a shirt that looked like it was drawn by someone who had only heard about The Simpsons and never seen it. The idea that someone could possibly be ignorant of Homer, and is too lazy to look it up before printing a t-shirt, never stops being funny to me.

"Crosby, Stills, Nash in Dung" Created by Amir Blumenfeld

Passing on “The Crosby, Stills, Nash in Dung Manure Toure” is like throwing away a winning Mega Millions ticket. You were standing on a goldmine busted tees, but you flew too close to the sun with your waxed wings. Now the idea is for all to use… All to see… You had your chance. I regret nothing.

"Sketchy" Created by Streeter Seidell

I'm sorry you had to see this piece of shit idea. I guess I thought I was pretty clever when I came up with it because it's a sketch-y drawing of a sketchy guy but, alas, as the days go by I see what a garbage idea this really was.

"Centaur Of Attention" Created by Jake Hurwitz

I figured that Centaurs were the new ninja. I still stand by the fact that this shirt is kind of funny. I mean, you try to come up with a more clever pun for a word like "Centaur." Honestly, think about a Centaur for a second. It's a man and a horse mixed together. Why haven't we made this yet? I quit.

"Tequila" Created by Dan Gurewitch

I think there’s a large demographic of people that don’t understand the joke “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor.” They get confused; they expect the number “four.” The complete absence of humor in this shirt makes it ideal for people that love alcohol, but hate jokes.

And now for some ideas that did make the cut.

Leave Lindsay A-Lohan

Push It

License to IL

Just out of curiosity, which rejected idea would you buy if it were produced?

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