World Domination 2, the biggest and the best Turn Based Strategy Flash game provided by will entertain you a lot, after World Domination. You were involved in to check the blast in the city in the World Domination by using tricks and diplomacy. And now, in the continuation of that same process, you have to be more diplomatic, more propagandist and more aggressive to defeat your enemies in World Domination 2. With the help of aircraft carriers, submarines, nuclear rockets, spies, satellite weapons and developed technologies, you have to make your own strategy and plan for victory in the war at any cost. You have to use your own intelligence and you have to decide yourself which weapon you will use and when to attack your enemies to defeat them in the war.

You are going to fight against your opponents to achieve the World Domination in this action game. You must understand the meaning of World Domination. So, your action for war should be aggressive and effective which will also show your intelligence. Keep patience, be diplomatic, be offensive and use your intelligence to fight against enemies in the war. You will face four powerful and highly intelligent world leaders like , G.W. Bash, Osama Ben Laden, Vladimir Putin, Nutty Blair in the war. These four powerful opponents will always try to dominate you by using their tricks and diplomacy. And, by using your intelligence and technical tricks you have to control the battle field and at the same time you have to remain more offensive than your opponents to defeat them anyhow and at any cost. On the other hand you are bound to keep patience, which will give you the positive result. Keep your friends, buy allies and prepare yourself to fight the biggest and the final war.

Dedicate yourself that you have to win the war and you have to become an achiever of the world. Load your arms with youth zest and fire against your enemies. You will face your enemies in three different difficult levels. With the help of advanced technologies and special weapons face your enemies and fight bravely in the war. To achieve your precious goal, you can use nuclear rockets, spies, planes, and even satellite weapons to defeat your enemies in the war. These weapons will surely dominate your enemies, but at the same time use special weapons also for surprise attack to confuse them. You should use this diplomacy so that your enemies can’t get even a single chance to attack against you. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on your opponents to see that are they still friendly. For this purpose, be religious, be backstabbing propagandist for sometime. This is also a diplomatic way to defeat the enemies.

Using your intelligence and strategic plan always remain more effective than your enemies in the war. Your cunning tactics, your diplomacy, your aggressiveness and your enthusiasm will give you the path for victory in the war. We are dead sure that you will entertain this game a lot and will compel you to remain in the same enthusiasm.