February 15, 2007. New York, New York

Brandon Brooker thought he’d make Valentines Day extra special for his girlfriend Vanessa. They went out to a romantic dinner downtown then bought a bottle of wine and retired to their apartment for the evening. Things soon got compromising as the two found each other in the bedroom with Brooker in the position to make a crucial decision.

“I was already back there and thought I’d give it a try. If she didn’t like it, I figured she’d let me know,” Brooker explained. She did indeed let Brooker know. As soon as he slipped through her balloon knot Vanessa spun around, slapped Brooker on the face, and stormed out of the apartment to sleep at her mother’s house in Westchester for the evening. Not wanting his seven-year relationship to end from this, Brooker gave pursuit and caught up with Vanessa on her parent’s doorstep.

The situation was not one Vanessa wanted to discuss but Brooker pleaded with her until she gave in to talk it over. Pointing out that they were sitting on the same love seat where their first date ended over seven years ago, Brooker laid on the charm and eventually won Vanessa over. The couple decided to look past the incidents of the evening and went back to their apartment to complete their Valentine’s Day.

When asked if he would try a stunt like this again Brooker replied, “Hell yeah! She hasn’t been that tight since high school.”