I was Facebook messaged by a young man asking for help in what he called "The Great Facebook Race." Basically, they challenged the British to see who could get 50,000 people in a group first. Sad to say, our mighty nation is losing miserably (5,000 to the Brit's 40,000)

But don't fear, don't give up hope. Did General Washington throw up his hands at Valley Forge and say "I give up"? Did he? NO! Instead he leaped across the Delaware river in a single bound choked the life from 40,000 Germans all by himself. AND THAT IS WHAT WE MUST DO! WE MUST FIGHT!

I have faith in you CollegeHumorites. We're old pros at the 'get a lot of people to join a group' game. The Facebook Challenges have been but mere training for this, an international showdown.

Band together, American College Students! Take what is yours! We created Facebook, We created the Internet, We created the doggie style and WE WILL WIN!

Lest ye forget, good countrymen and women, the British are the ones who sent us James Blunt and his irritating songs!

So quickly now, JOIN THE FIGHT!

And if you still need convincing that this is the greatest country in the world, I suggest you watch this classic video about the The Father Of Our Country himself.