So you want to impress your friends with original dirty sex acts that you've pulled like the Blumpkin, Angry Dragon or Rusty Trombone. Here's an easy way to create your own and make them green with envy. Follow the simple formula.

Location Noun (City, country, nationality, etc) + Regular Noun =Dirty Sex Act.

Boston + Armoire = The Boston Armoire etc.

Here's some lists to get you started.

Alabama Tuxedo
USSR Boilermaker
Uzbekistan Armoire
Boston Drill Press
New York End Table
Shanghai Back Flip
Thailand Rubber Stamp
Bangkok Shop Vac
California Shotgun
Jersey Turnpike
Mexico Taxi Cab
Baltimore Bank Robbery
Cleaveland Picture Frame
The OC Fish Net
Antarctica Bug Spray
Jones Beach Vitamin Water
South Dakota Stereo
North Dakota Frostbite
Madagascar Traffic Jam
Filipino Choker
Jewish Poker Game
French Surrender
Spanish Wine Cask
Sengalese Thumb Screw
Siberian Thunderbolt
Brazilian Dry Cleaner

Mix and Match and you're set to give the next girl you run across a Shanghai Shop Vac or a Uzbekistan Drill Press. Have Fun!