Girls love dogs. If you play your cards rightthat cannine can get you some poo-nine…..e. So grab a leash and head off to the dog park, but first you gotta be careful in selectingthe right pooch for you.

Breed: Rottweiler

What your dog says about you: Your name is Knapick but you're friend cleverly call you K-Nap. None the less, you love big dogs. You actually want to start a company that makes dog toys. Not any kind of dog toys, BIG dog toys.

Breed of lady you're getting:Fat chicks, but its ok you love it.

Hobbies include: Wearing shorts and sandals in the winter, cooking bad ribs, and darts.

Breed: Toy Poodle

What your dog says about you: You're parents are divorced. And since your dad is an abusive alcoholic, you grew up with your mom and 3 sisters. Guess what? They made you gay.

Breed of lady you're getting: Japenese Ladyboy.

Hobbies include: Shopping, gossip, and throatjobs.

Breed: Bloodhound

What your dog says about you: Hey man,awesome mustache. Is that a Gary Anderson Viking's jersey? You know where I can get some peyote? Cool. I'll meet you down the hill from the monkey bars.

Breed of lady you're getting: Hairy.

Hobbies include: Mustache waxing, jam bands, and pyschotropic substances.

Breed: Golden Retriever

What your dog says about you: You are boring. You're married. You drive a minivan. Its alright though, you weren't fun before you were married.

Breed of lady you're getting: Your own wife doesn't want you.

Hobbies: Fly fishing, soccer, and cold lonely nights.

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What your dog says about you: Why are all the other dogs sniffing your crotch? They probably smell the fragrant aroma of that slit you just bagged. You picked the cutest dog everand like Indiana Jones "You have chosen wisely." You are so in tune with whata woman wants you don't even need a dog to get you laid.

Breed of lady you're getting; Mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, twins, etc.

Hobbies Include: Bagging slit, munching box, and breaking hearts.