Hey you dudes want another beer? What kind do you- hey what are you doing on my computer? Don't go on the internet, I'm downloading… this thing. It's hard to explain. Just don't look at my bookmarks ok?

Yeah you can put some music on. Just don't- why do I have ABBA's greatest hits? Do I really have that? That's weird, I don't know how that got on there. It must have just downloaded somehow.

Hey Trav I got next game on the Wii! What? There's no Backstreet Boys songs on my computer. Is that even my computer? From the sounds of the gay music it must be… your computer. I don't know how your computer would get to my house, you tell me. Oh, that song. That was for a project for this class.

Dude, dude skip past the J's, there's this sweet Kanye West song you gotta hear. Oh, that James Blunt CD is my girlfriends. Ok, ex-girlfriend. No, we didn't break up before the CD came out, it was right after. Justin Timberlake? I can explain that.

Here let me use the computer I have to check this auction on eBay. God, will you let me use my own computer? I only have that Lauryn Hill to get chicks ok? Girls love that stuff. It's not on my Top 25 Most Played Songs, that's a mistake. My computer got hacked last week.

Maroon 5? Haha, that's just on there as a joke. How is that a joke? Don't you get it? You guys thought I actually listened to Maroon 5, that's funny! But seriously "Harder To Breathe" actually isn't a bad song, right guys?

Here just get out of my way, I'll play some good music. What am I playing? Are you serious, this song rocks. You know what, you guys can go to hell. If you don't like this song you can get the fuck out of my house! Because Peter Gabriel rocks, that's why!