Ben Gleib used to write for CollegeHumor all the time. Then he went and got himself on a TV show. Which one, you ask? The Real Wedding Crashers, which premieres tonight at 10 on NBC. The always-gracious Ben took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for me. Enjoy.

Hey Ben, it’s crazy that you’re going to be on this big new show on NBC. Remember when you were just another comedian and CollegeHumor contributor?

I do not remember my past. That way I can repeat it. But if I had any memories of contributing to CollegeHumor, I'm sure they would have been pleasant, and probably involved feeling that my articles and videos were inadequate compared to hot girls kissing.

It’s incredible how quickly you’ve risen. Do you ever forget the people who helped you along the way? People who posted your videos, writing and/or linked to your site?

They say when you make it big, you have to make sure to forget everyone that got you there. That way you can stay humble. This makes sense to me. Because if you remember all the people that were involved, that helped you, you'll start feeling important. Like you need this big team of people. By thinking that you did it all yourself, you can remain more innocent.

All in all, how many people were involved with each episode on camera? Were there ever any extra spots on the cast that maybe your friends could have filled?

We had a cast of 5. Steve Byrne played the Asian guy. Gareth Reynolds was the shorter, blonde, non-asian guy. Cat Reitman played one of the two women, and Desi Lydic played the other. By that description, clearly they are all hilarious.

As far as having room for my friends to drop into the show, absolutely not. Cause I when I watch the show with you guys, I don't want you saying, "Look at me in the background!" That would distract from people seeing me. Plus, I do not remember my past anyway, so I have no friends.

So tell me about the show, what’s the premise?

The bride and groom ask us to crash their real life wedding. And three days of their lives leading up to the wedding. So we pull huge elaborate pranks, play all kinds of crazy characters, (the priest, the best man, the limo driver,) and the people we're pranking buy it hook, line, and sinker. If hook, line, and sinker means they totally buy it. If it is just a fishing reference, then I'd rather use other words.

It says ‘from the creators of Punk’d’ in the commercials. Do you know Ashton now?

Yes I do. And let me just say this… he's breathtaking.

Are you going to be taping any more episodes of the shows that you maybe need some help with?
Season 1 is done shooting, and I will not be in season 2 regardless. We'll be too exposed and it would be tough to crash weddings in the future. So when the show is done I will probably start remembering my past again, feeling very appreciative of the things CollegeHumor has done for me, and beg you guys to link to my site, and post my videos and writings again.

Do you have any other projects in the works that you didn’t bother to tell your friends about?

I am going on the road to do a standup tour at clubs across the country. I am relaunching in one week, as a spoof of corporate America. I am doing a voice on the new animated series, "The Melvin Bros." on And I am finally gonna finish my 6th grade science project. A paper mache whale that melts when you pour hydrochloric acid down his blowhole. Until now I've never been able to get hold of the acid.

Dude, for real, how hard is it to get me a fucking part on your show?
Streets, I had no idea you were talking about yourself. Of course I can get you on the show! Just find a local wedding, stuff a camcorder in your pants, (zipper open obviously,) and crash that shit. When you get beaten up and kicked out for being a pervert with a camera in his pants, send me the tape. I'll laugh at it. Then I'll make sure it gets in the right hands.

Now that you’re a rich piece of shit, what is the first ridiculous purchase you’ll make?
We got paid as "reality performers". So I'm about as rich as a guy who is me and is still in shitloads of debt. But I would probably buy a pelican.

Thanks so much for talking with us and we wish you continued success!

You're welcome. It was very hard for me to make the time, so I'm glad you appreciate it.

Check out NBC's 'The Real Wedding Crashers' tonight at 10. It's on channel 4 if you're at my parent's house, but may be different where you live.