Okay, now I know this is a little random for today's news, but a 13 year old girl recently won a $25,000 grand prize for being the fastest "texter" in what appeared to be a texting spelling bee.

Are you fucking kidding me? Not even the world spelling bee champion makes this much for winning. This little girl not only received the prize, but it was in (hold your breath) cash! Any child under the age of about 16 is only eligible to win a scholarship for such a feat, but this girl is going to go on a shopping spree for being a giddy schoolgirl prep with pushover parents. I guess there is no better way to promote today's youth than to turn them into manipulative people with useless talents. This kinda has a striking resemblance to recent American Idol happenings cough (Sanjaya). I didn't follow the show but I have heard that he was atrocious for the stage in the show he made it to. I wonder, is thisbecause of all the other 13 year old speed texters with no spending limits?

Let me know, which do you think will bethenextsensationalcontest for thirteen year olds?