Wow the long wait is finally over; the whole gang is coming back. It’s scary how easy it is to totally forget about a show while it is off for 4 weeks, I have terrible ADD and I wonder if these surprise visits from the Haitian have anything to do with it. Oh well.

I was not impressed by this episode, maybe its because I put so much weight on our first time back together. Kind of like how I hadn’t seen my birth father ever then when I go to see him, he is more concerned with the election. Boo. So when it finally came back I was like this is going to be awesome, and like an abused woman I only remembered the good parts of the previous run of episodes. Totally forgot about having my face pressed on the stove for not putting enough cheese in the omelet.

Did I miss something (most likely did I mention ADD? Did I mention surfing?) Why was Mr. Bennet just sitting there making Parkman do all the work for the escape? Was he paralyzed or drugged or something? I kept thinking that he was in the other room doing that and that was the shape shifter or something. Boy was I way off! Though I am glad they escaped now we can follow their plotline as they ride a bus to NYC. Excitement!

Sylar is a great character, he ‘shops’ for more powers as if the world was a giant video game. Hmmm, since I gained a level I think I want to put character points in future painting. So awesome, it reminds me of those old days around the old Dungeons and Dragons table, gaining levels and learning more languages. I think I am truly jealous.

I was kind of hoping that the Sylar v. Peter fight was going to go on for a bit more than that. Though the wall of broken glass attack was pretty sweet, how did it hit Peter in the back of the head? He turned invisible then turned his back to the attacker? From all this we can learn one major thing, the way to kill (albeit temporarily) Claire or Peter is to jam something into their brain. As soon as Claire turns eighteen I am going to kill her temporarily.

Hiro meets Future Hiro, oh man! This was the second coolest part of the episode for me. I thought it was pretty sweet that he gets to meet himself from the future, no touching. Everyone knows you can’t touch the past you. Unless of course the Heroes universe doesn’t follow the same laws as the BTTF universe. Still I would have so many questions to ask myself from the future, most of them being which horse should I bet on in the Derby (May 5th people, get those juleps flowing).

Ok now for my favorite part of the episode, is Nathan pretty much playing Rudy Giuliani? He is going to take a tragedy help NYC get through it then run for president on that platform alone. That’s pretty ham-fisted and I love every minute of it. Linderman is using this tragedy as a chance for him to get his hand in the pockets of some big players. Wow, talk about ‘art’ imitating ‘life’ I use both those terms loosely so no one thinks I am a douche bag.

Which I am.