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Name: Carrie

Ohio State: Ohio State

Mascot: Buckeyes

Major: Commercial Interior Design

How would you advise a really nerdy guy to go about striking up a conversation with you? I LOVE nerdy guys!! Anything said with sincerity is worth saying… just avoid stalker questions like opening with "Where do you live?" Offering to get a girl a drink (or something to make her comfortable and take care of her) is a good opener. You don't need a line.

What's your favorite movie, besides The Notebook?I hate the Notebook. In fact, I boycotted it. I'm really into movies. I love Anchorman, Super Troopers, Bottlerocket, Amelie, Garden State, Batman Begins, Harry Potter (all), Princess Bride, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Sandlot, Star Wars (all-not just original 3-except I hate Hayden Christiansen), Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma, Old School, Indiana Jones (all)…(that's the short list).

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