(Having just broken free of a pack of zombies, Steven stumbles into his dorm room and slams the door shut.)

Oh God…that was awful—ah, shit! One of them bit me on the arm! Damn! Hang on, what time is it? 2:00, fuck! I only have an hour to write my paper!

Romero's Night of the Living Dead and How It Relates To Modern Society

This movie was made to illustrate how a change, a revolution of sorts, was growing in our culture, and to

(A welt grows on the bite wound and bursts, covering the computer screen with blood and pus.)

Oww! Shit, now I have to clean that up. (Steven gets up and grabs a couple paper towels and a candy bar) There we go. (Bites candy bar; six of his teeth fall out) Aah—what the hell? (Boils begin forming across his skin) Goddammit, what the hell is going on?

to demonstrate how the admission of a new demographic into a society can completely revolutionize the

(Steven's stomach lurches; he leans over and vomits onto the floor.)

the social spectrum. In Night of the Living Dead, the new demographic is the zombies, and the rest of society are forced to allow them

(Upon typing the letter 'm', Steven's right index finger falls off)

Holy fuck! Aaah! (Looks at the clock) Son of a bitch!

them to enter tjheir world. Uppon douing som, the zimbues cimpletely change thungs by eatung all the peoileple

Goddammit, I can't type now!

(Steven feels pressure growing in his head. Suddenly, his right eyeball pops out of its socket and flies across the room.)

SHIT! OWWW! (The clock reads 2:32) Shit!

and chamgeiung ankll teh others uijtjo zimbues, Whuke thej eatung if oeopilake aand zibmue actuih dudn;t haooen un /aerucan sicuety

(An arcing wave of pain causes Steven to contort and he drops to the ground, writhing. His skin turns a clammy green, riddled with open sores and boils. His hair flakes away, and his teeth are stained and pocked with holes.)


(Steven vomits and collapses, just as his roommate walks in.)

Roommate: Hey, Steven, have you OH MY GOD!!!

Zombie-Steven: GRAAAAAGLAAARGH!!!!