So much like every other college student I like to drink and often, but I go to Rochester Institute of Technology.

For those unfamiliar with RIT or any other Tech college let me explain. Basically take every socially deficient kid in your high school class, probably male.Now place them all in freezing weather ( Fucking perfect now they can rock their long sleeve, winter wear Halo shirts), provide them with classes all about computers mingling with other outcast scarred by their high school experiences. The Result: a breeding ground for socially awkward interaction and the birth of the "Popular Nerds" . With newfound acceptance these Popular-Nerds experiment with privileges previously denied to them in high school: drinking, partying and sex.

Now as previously stated I like to drink, and yes I have drank amongst these rare creatures signature to RIT and other Tech schools. Here are my observations.

1) Pop-nerds will always act as if they have drank before. This is established by clearly made up and embellished tales of wild nights of younger years; meant to clarify to other party going "Pop-nerds" that back home, they were the shit. " I totally drink 12 40's in 1.5 hours." humanly impossible, yes: but the "Pop-Nerds" plays on the fact that other Pop-Nerds haven’t got a fucking clue either.

2) None of the Pop-Nerds are virgins. Nope, according to the every Pop Nerd they were and still are the biggest players previous to coming to RIT.

3) Conversations of video games, computers and other shit that regular people don't know anything about are …really good pick up lines. I can't count the number of times I have seen couples huddled in dark corners, bonding over the latest escape codes to some rare video game regular people don’t give a shit about.

4) My Computer is waaaayyy bigger than yours. Much like regular people compare income, cars and dick size when drinking. Pop-Nerds attempt to establish a hierarchy based their computer.

5) Female pop-nerds think their the shit. This occurs for a few reasons.
A) there are no girls at RIT, therefore even the most busted girls seem hot in comparison to…. well nothing.
B) male pop nerds are O' so desperate to get ANYTHING and feed into said female pop nerds newfound cockiness.
C) This results in: Girls that would never get laid at any other college suddenly become the most desired girl on campus…what the fuck

6) The rules to every drinking game must be written down, in detail with diagrams. True story, I witness the rules of beer pong, written down on graph paper complete with diagrams of the correct ways to rack the cups. After a slight altercation, the beer pong table was then marked with compass drawn circles to direct exactly where to place the CLEAN cups ( no cup was used twice, to prevent spread of germs ,of course)

7) Pop nerds don't fight …. they mentally battle. Of my years here I have never witnessed a physical brawl, but I have seen many a verbal/ mental wars that always end in blood shed. They winner is proved superior in knowledge of subject while loser is ridiculed as "incompetent".

8) There is a Pop-Nerd pecking order. Much like at other schools where jocks and frat boys are considered the shit, there is a pecking order at RIT parties.

1) Females-because there are none and are rare
2) Slightly cool Pop Nerd- Probably the one throwing the party, chances are he one of the better looking kids( bitches love him) has other interest besides computers, video games etc. but still a nerd
3)Video game/Computer Pop Nerd- really, really likes his fucking computer
4)The creeper Pop Nerd- this kid is way to creepy to be even accepted by other nerds. Possible serial killer, likes to lurk in the shadows
5) Outsiders- these are the regular people that happen to wander into the party. Are considered invaders and a threat to the balance of acceptance created by Pop-Nerds

9) O yes there is a uniform.
Males- NO polos, AF, tattered jeans or any other style of clothing associated with regular people. Do rock technology inspired t-shirts, tapered jeans, bed shaped hair in pony tail…. o and jeans shorts are a must!
Females- anything way to tight for weight. To show off that super desired bod.
( ew ew ew)

From and outsiders perspective, these are my observations of the rare "Popular Nerds" known only to tech college regions. This is a quick glimpse into this unique sub culture.