So I was at the UC campus bookstore earlier today buying a new quantum physics textbook. . .haha, just kidding. I don't even know what quantum physics means. I was buying the new issue of Cosmo. And by "buying" I mean sitting in the store and reading it because I'm too cheap to buy it. Side note: how awkward is it when you're sitting there reading the Top 50 sex positions and your English professor from last quarter walks passed and says hi? And you're reminded of how much he looks like Bruce Willis. And you start thinking of how much you'd like to push him up against the Travel & Leisure section and have your way with him. And then you realize that it's only 10 a.m. and that's far too early for you to be having sexual fantasies, particularly about a middle-aged married man who has two small children. And then you decide you should probably start cutting back on all those Lifetime movies you watch with titles like Unbridled Passion: The Megan Masek Story or Liz's Sultry Summer: One Girl's Tale of Lust at First Sight. And then when you're typing that last sentence you suddenly remember that you had a dream last night with Jennifer Lopez in it, which is weird because you don't even like Jennifer Lopez, although she wasn't that bad in The Wedding Planner which might have been because Matthew McConaughey was in it, which could've distracted you from Jennifer Lopez's horrible acting abilities. Although she wasn't that bad in Selena either, but that was before she was rich and famous and she still really was just Jenny from the block.

Anyway, I was flipping through the Cosmo when I turned the page and saw this summer's fashion trends and it hit me: holy shit it's almost summer. You can't really blame me for not noticing, though. The weather has been unseasonably chilly (p.s. um, hi global warming, wtf. Once again, you have disappointed me much like every other guy ever. I thought I was going to get to live through the honeymoon period when you were warm and gentle and caring and you brought me flowers for no reason and told me I had pretty eyes. Then when things turned sour and you got pissed and decided to burn up the Earth into a charred, scorched little ball of ash and dust, I'd be long gone). However, the weather over the past few days has been amazing and I'm starting to get excited. I love running in the spring when it's not too hot or too cold. I didn't get a chance to enjoy it last year; when I'm running I have a tendency to not pay attention to things like people calling out my name or surrounding buildings or oncoming traffic. Anyway, after running into that car, I had to take six weeks off to recuperate. I still have terrible flashbacks every time I see a Honda Civic.

I'm really looking forward to this summer. For the first time in six years, I don't have spend the next four months pulling 60+ hour work weeks and then going out and getting drunk every night to forget the stress of being yelled at every day for being understaffed or overstaffed or because my boobs look too big in my shirt or my butt looks too big in my pants or my headband doesn't match my outfit so I can't wear it or because on my one day off I didn't feel like returning a phone call right away. Sorry, random liberating rant. Now I can just go get drunk every night just for the hell of it.