Two sorority roommates, Jessica and Amy, are walking together to their Sorority house. Both are wearing short white skirts, high heels and big sunglasses. All of a sudden two frat guys from last night’s mixer come up them.

Chad: Hey Jess, what’s up with your fine ass today?

Bran: Yeah, when can we hang Amy? You owe me dinner and a blow job.

Both girls giggle and act super silly, Jessica whispers something extra silly into Amy’s ear and both girls start laughing because they're oh so silly sorority girls.

Chad: What do you skanks find so funny?

Jessica: Oh, nothing! (More giggling and acting super girly)

Amy: Jess has like, like a SUPER CRUSH on you Chad!

Jessica: Like Oh. My. God! You Bitch!!!

Both girls run into the sorority house giggling and into their room, closing the door behind them. They immediately drop the annoying stereotypical sorority girly attitudes.

Jessica: Nice save Ame, I thought we’d have to talk to those douches for at least half an hour.

Amy: Yeah, I was saving that for an emergency. Pump the house music so none of the other girls bother us.

Jessica: Good call. I’m so sick of this fa