April 30th is the anniversary of Hitler's death. In remembrance of this day, CH asked a few celebrities to write poems…

A rabbit sunrise.
I once was in a movie.
Hitler wasn’t nice.
- Billy Baldwin

So like who’s Hitler?
Why am I in this office?
And what’s a haiku?
-Jessica Simpson

April Thirtieth
You and Eva shot yourselves.
I am unemployed.
- Matt LeBlanc

A haiku? Hitler?
Let’s go one word at a time.
Don’t f*cking rush me.
- Lily Tomlin

Adolph, you are dead.
I wish I wasn’t so fat.
A waterlily drifts.
- Mary-Kate Olsen

Adolph Hitler died.
And other stuff happened too.
I can’t read or write.
- Heather Graham