1779 February 2
U.S.S. Glugg to depart tomorrow. Men are aboard and robust, playful yet gentle.

My left eye is bothersome, but easily placated with a fistful of brandy and saltpeter.

I regret leaving my lovely Lenore again, but I shall bring back a heart overflowing with adoration, and a basket overflowing with scalps.

I am, your obedient servant,
Captain James Fogg

1779 February 4
The crew and I bonded. Bradley, our Surgeon, is a former gentleman and used to the finer things in life: tea on the table, a yak in the yard, ashtrays filled with money.
Our master-at-arms is a master-at-arm-massages too, so that is a plus.
Our first mate Peter is an excellent tipper; he was raised in the wild by a pack of waiters.

My eye, she oozes.

Lenore- that woman is a triple threat: blond, beautiful, a trained ninja.

Yours in perpetuity,
Capt. J. Fogg

1779 February 18
A sad, sad month, my leather-bound friend. Supplies running short, and the fish not biting. Yesterday our biggest meal consisted of peanut butter sandwiches- no bread, just sandwiched between our hands.

A cabin boy named Thomas has perished- and an orphan at that! His father died during childbirth: the hospital caught on fire. His mother died of natural causes; her flesh naturally burned. Thomas luckily escaped with mere deforming scars.

My eye has turned inward.

Lenore! Lenore!

Jimmy F.

1779 March 10
I have heard mutterings of a mutiny. Subsisting on ocular fluids and leftover Thomas.

The eye is improving steadily.


1779 March 16

My eye has fallen out.

Second thoughts about Lenore.

Jim Fogg