Have you ever been sitting on your couch watching TVwith a beer in one hand and a bong in the other and said to yourself "LOLz wtf happened to my 1337 childh00d?"Thosebeloved memories and pointless, yet wildly amusing games didn't disappear, they just changed to accommodate your questionably more mature existence. Here are some examples:

Heads Up Seven Up: Instead of trying to peep up your teacher's skirt while pretending to have your eyes closed, you are now on the set of Maury trying to guess which piece of white trash got you pregnant.

Cops vs. Robbers: Shiz real maynnn.

Hot Potato: That semi-fat chick who is kinda do-able when you are completely throwed, but when you wake up the next morning you drop it like it's hot and pawn her off on your roommate.

Musical Chairs: See above, but with slightly less guilt and slightly more gonorrhea.


Don't Wake Daddy: Really dude, don't wake him.

Twister: Naked Twister.

Slip n Slide: Naked Slip n Slide.

Monkey Bars: Titty bars.

Hi-Ho Cherry-o: More fun but a lot harder find, and potentially a little messy. Secret Cheat Code: "I Love You."

Where do Babies Come From: "I promise babe, you really can't get pregnant your first time."

Cowboys vs. Indians: Bush on border control.