In the late 50's….

  1. Everyone was Italian
  2. Popping your collar really was cool
  3. Every girl owned a pink jacket
  4. Every person wore a sweater or leather jacket
  5. You were either a nerd, jock, or greaser
  6. Motorcycles did not need ramps to make jumps
  7. If you were chasing someone on a motorcycle toward a body of water your brakes would fail to work
  8. All girls chewed gum all the time
  9. It was required to snap your fingers, and shake your hips dramatically before leaving a room after making a statement
  10. Everyone had a friend who would repeat everything that they said in order to emphasize your point
  11. Every group of friends had its own name
  12. All guys parted their hair to the side
  13. All guys carried a comb at all times
  14. All guys carried switch blade knives with them at all times
  15. Everyone smoked, everywhere, and anywhere they wanted to
  16. The onlyadults around wereteachers and cops.
  17. No one liked Russians.