Entourage Morning After– “Gotcha”

Vince and Amanda

So let me ask you guys something… in the history of men and women, has anyone ever really pulled off the “let’s just do it once to get it out of our systems then go back to being friends / agent and client?” It has never happened in recorded history and it never will, end of story. Only 3 things can happen when you try this like Amanda and Vince did…

  1. The guy ends up really liking the girl who wants nothing to do with him after his lackluster performance. (ie he’s a minute man.)
  2. The girl ends up really liking the guy, who now having made his conquest, wants to move on.
  3. They both end up liking each other and they end up forgetting the whole part about going back to being friends and start screwing like drunk monkeys.

It’s this simple. You are not meant to fuck your friends and business associates. Ok, quick screening question… who thought that Vince screwing Amanda would lead to them having a more solid and professional business relationship? If you answered yes, then I’m sorry to tell you, but you are going to die from stupidity by the end of the week. Stop reading and go say goodbye to your friends and family.

But really, who cares. I want Vince to be back with Ari and if you have to phase out Amanda, it might as well be due to some great sex scenes, right? So this week’s episode picked up the morning after last week’s Vince/Amanda indecent proposal phone call to find Vince in a bath tub with Amanda. Although I swear he has his leg pinched in a very uncomfortable position with no circulation possible for the entire scene, I have never wanted to be an actor or take a bubble bath more in my life. While bathing, Amanda and Vince have one of those guy/girl BS conversations where they both say that this was a one time thing and mean it zero percent.

Once she gets to her office less then an hour later, Vince backs up his one time only feelings by buying her just the heads of two dozen roses. Why no stems?Don’t know, must be a Hollywood thing. She goes all go go over them and Vince and her gush like teenagers on a phone call. By the looks of things, we are watching a classic #3 scenario from the friends having sex possible. Not good for Amanda as their long term agent, wonderful for a few episodes of adult content.

Ari has Company

In one of the more boring Ari plotlines of this century, Ari has an old college buddy stay with him while he’s in town. But his old loser buddy (played by Artie form Howard Stern) has finally gotten it together with a hottie fianc